Pat Lokan, left, Alex Kinner, center, and Clint McCreery, right, of Austin, walk around downtown Austin, Texas wearing squirrel costumes during South by Southwest Interactive on Friday, March 13, 2015. The three are dressed in costume for, a books discovery app that helps readers find real locations that are written into scenes of books. Credit: Rodolfo Gonzalez / AMERICAN-STATESMAN

It’s been busy, busy here with preparation for South by Southwest Interactive and the launch of a whole new tech website (more on that in a moment)!

Here’s some of the SXSW Interactive preview coverage you might have missed over the last few days, rounded up in one place:

In today’s American-Statesman and on the new site is my Digital Savant column, 10 things worth loving that still happen at SXSW Interactive. This is a pretty personal list, but I hope it reflects why the cynics aren’t always right about the fast-growing festival. On Sunday, Peter Blackstock explored the influence of SXSW over 30 years in a great package full of great insight into how Austin and SXSW have grown together.Also on Sunday, Lilly Rockwell and I rounded up a lot of SXSW Interactive by theme in the business section. The fest can be pretty overwhelming, so it’s a friendly overview on what to expect. Lori Hawkins wrote about startups as the heart of the festival.Coming to Austin for the fest? Here’s a great guide to Austin itself.ICYMI last week, here’s our big Austin360 Interactive preview.

Now, about that tech website… today, we’re officially launching, which will collect our tech coverage. I’m on that team! And this blog will be moving over to that site. More details on that shortly, but just a heads up that for South by Southwest, you’ll want to head over there for my coverage and that of the new tech team!