The crowd that packed the front of the stage for Kehlani’s early evening set at the YouTube house was probably 80 percent female. For obvious reasons, the 20-yr-old, rapidly rising R&B singer has a strong appeal with the ladies. Her catalog includes a solid selection of 90s inspired tunes and she brings a two woman dance team along to demo the kind of choreographed moves you might have used in your Destiny’s Child routines 15 years ago. 
She also has ample vulnerable love songs if that’s your thing. 
She revels in her own sensuality and conducts herself as a tough girl who calls her own shots, but she’s doesn’t come off as a fierce diva. She has a warm and very accessible stage persona. She looks in your eyes when she sings. She invites you to share her vibe. 
It’s no surprise all the fly ladies want to join Kehlani’s dance team.