If you see breaking news during South by Southwest – or any other time of the year – shoot it with the new Fresco app and you just might get a little spending money.

Fresco is deploying the app via a partnership with Fox-owned stations nationwide. That includes Austin’s KTBC, which began using it today.

People whose photos are used on air will get $20. If your video is used, you’ll get $50.

In addition to buying footage of breaking news, the Fox stations will also post more routine assignments from time to time. Anyone with the Fresco app can shoot those assignments and, potentially, get paid.

“We’ve been trying to do this the right way for years, but all that was missing were some ambitious 20-somethings and a simple app,” said Sharri Berg, senior vice president of news operations for Fox Television Stations.

The nationwide Fresco rollout comes after a successful trial earlier this year at WTXF, the Fox station in Philadelphia. Aside from Philadelphia and Austin, it’s also been picked up by Fox stations in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Atlanta, Houston, Phoenix, Tampa, Charlotte and Orlando.

“We built Fresco to harness the real power of citizen journalism,” Fresco CEO John Meyer said. “As news consumers, we’re often only given one particular angle to a story because there’s usually only one camera or one reporter on the scene. But with Fresco, there can be multiple witnesses who are recording their own perspective, which adds a new dimension to how stories are presented.”