The all-girl band from Madrid, HINDS, performs at the Hype Hotel March 15. Tom McCarthy Jr. for AMERICAN-STATESMAN

“We are doing 17 shows at South by Southwest this week and this is number 12,” Spanish rock group Hinds said from the stage at the beginning of their set at the Radio Day Stage on Friday. If the four-piece from Madrid was feeling burnt out or rough around the edges, it certainly didn’t show in their set.

Hinds’ music sounds like the soundtrack to an impetuous summer love affair anachronistically set in 1995. With a post-riot grrl vibe, the band builds fluid melodic passages into furious shredding guitar licks then drops them back down into the lilting melody. Similarly, sweet vocals snap into a snarling rasp at the drop of a hat. Then moments later they’re back to lovely melodics.

The women had an easy congenial vibe with each other and they brought a lot of energy to the performance, which was especially impressive considering this was number three of five performances on Friday. Buzz about the band has been steadily building all week and it’s safe to say you’ll be hearing a lot more of them in the not too distant future.