We all know the internet is a weird place. And according to Estately, Texas can’t seem to find it.

Using Google Autocomplete and Google Trends, the real estate website found that one of Texas’ top searches, compared to any other state, is “where is the internet?”

In a seriously amusing fashion, other things Texas seems to be concerned with include the following:

Am I a lesbian?  / Am I cool? / Am I a sociopath? / How does sex work? / Who is the best rapper? /  Who named Pluto? / Who qualifies for medicaid? / Who was the best president? / Do I have herpes? / How to meet men? / What is gun control? / What is jock itch? / Where is hell? / Where is heaven? / Why do I sweat? / Where is Johnny Manziel? / When is flu season? / When is Jesus coming? / Is Russia in Asia? / Can I vote? / How to yodel? / Which Pokemon are you? / Why are people so mean? / Why are we here? / How to get rich quick? / How to be the man? / Who is Putin? / Why is my hair falling out? / Why is my tongue yellow? / Why is my tongue white? / Do girls poop? / Do zombies exist?

But Texans aren’t the only ones searching things better left unseen. Estately’s research was a compilation of what every state in the U.S. searches more frequently than others. You can read the full list here.

Arkansas wants to know “why did the chicken cross the road?” California is concerned about when “kitten season” starts. And the people of Tennessee seem to be having a hard time, having asked Google “what is the clap?”

But I saved the best for last — Wyoming wants to know “what is Wyoming?”