‘Strange Town’ hosts Mark Morrow, left, and Billy Driver

Austin is, of course, more than a little weird, but it’s not the only “Strange Town” in Texas.

That’s what local paranormal investigators Billy Driver and Mark Morrow have learned as they’ve crisscrossed the state in search of ghosts in recent years. In fact, they uncovered so much unusual activity that they created their own TV show.

The first season of “Strange Town” debuted last fall, just in time for Halloween. This year, they’re back with a second season that kicks off at 8 p.m. Thursday on KLRU-Q, a digital subchannel of local PBS affiliate KLRU.

“I grew up literally in a haunted house,” Driver said. “A lot of the stuff you see in movies happened to me as a small child. We had exorcists, priests, you name it … but most of the spirits were friendly and just wanted to tell their story. I just wanted to create a way to help the dead talk to the living, and to help all of the paranormal enthusiasts out there who need a credible, historical way to lend merit to this exploding hobby while hopefully opening the minds of skeptics.”

In the new episodes, Driver and Morrow — who have been featured recently on the Travel Channel and the Destination America network — check out a law office and the Clay Pit restaurant in downtown Austin, Galveston’s Tremont House hotel and a home in Gatesville.

“Even if you think it’s more likely Bigfoot exists than a ghost, the show is still interesting because it uncovers historical facts you never knew about at famed locations,” Morrow said. “The majority of our work is in factual research to give you a new perspective while learning about locations right around you.”

‘Strange Town’

8 p.m. Thursday