Sweet Spirit. Photo by Erika Rich.

“Sound and Cinema,” the collaborative project between Do512, the Alamo Drafhouse and the Long Center which brings a series of free movie screenings and music pairings to the Long Center,  announced the lineup for the 2016 season today.

The series kicks off on  July 6 with Adrian Quesada’s psychedelic road trip project Echocentrics and “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.” The series continues on July 20 with a Master Pancake version of “Footloose” and the Urban Achievers Brass Band. On Wednesday, August 10 Sweet Spirit performs followed by a quote-along of “Labyrinth,” and the season closes out on Wednesday, Aug. 17 with Delta Spirit’s Matthew Logan Vasquez and “Tommy Boy.”

It’s a solid lineup, but I would be remiss if I didn’t mention my reservations about the decision to launch with “Temple of Doom” at a moment in U.S. history when anxiety in the Indian American community is running so high popular comedian Aziz Ansari recently penned an op-ed in the New York Times titled, “Why Trump Makes Me Scared for My Family.”

In 1984, the Indian government denied requests to film in India and banned the film over offensive depictions of Indian characters (monkey-brain munching savages, Kali-crazed cult lunatics, etc.). Consequently, many Indians still have mixed feelings about the film.

I totally get how the movie’s international action adventure theme meshes well with the exhilarating cross-cultural mash up that is Echocentrics, but “Temple of Doom” is not a movie that stands up well over time. My entirely personal (visceral) response is to wish they’d made a different choice.