Sol Collective, a Sacramento-based center dedicated to art, culture and activism, launched their new co-operative record label Sol Life at the Speakeasy on Saturday night. Bringing culturally-rooted music to the dance floor, the diverse line-up included socially conscious artists who performed everything from hip-hop to electronic fusions.

One of my favorite musical discoveries at the festival was World Hood, a husband-and-wife-duo who blend traditional rhythms with contemporary electronic beats. Having only caught the end of their set, I look forward to hearing more from them and hope the California group returns to Austin, especially since vocalist Estella Sanchez (aka Estrella Hood) also serves as Sol Collective’s executive director.

Quitapenas, a Riverside, California-based quartet that plays Afro-Latin music, brought one of the best dance parties I’ve seen at SXSW. The animated crowd constantly broke into chants and cheers, especially when the group invited an LA-based guest trumpet player to join them on stage to deliver an extra horn punch to their funky tropical sounds. After their performance, I overheard someone say, "That’s what I’ve been waiting for all week."

Other Sol Life artists include Dre T, El Indio, Native Children, Seti X and Wise Child.