Pam LeBlanc has been pedaling to work for seven or eight years. Photo by Chris LeBlanc

This city just looks different from the seat of a bicycle.
You see the people, the slow change in the skyline as buildings sprout beneath cranes. The birds, the squirrels, the dogs.
The quirky stuff, too. The family of metal goats that lives in front of a house on Shoal Creek Boulevard. The cyclist with a pair of dachshunds tucked into her backpack. The two-wheeled laundry delivery service.
I’ve been riding a bike to work most days for seven or eight years. It saves me gas money, it keeps me from fidgeting in rush hour traffic and it gives me a little bonus exercise.
The sun blazes, the rain pelts, the wind blows and the humidity rises. Football games unfold at House Park. Skateboards clatter at the park, volleyballs fly on sand courts. Cars honk, owls hoot, bells ring.
What do you see on your commute today?
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