Matthew McConaughey could have gone to space again, but his audition ended up on the cutting room floor.

That’s what newly released “Saturday Night Live” footage shows, anyway.

If you don’t remember, the “Star Wars Auditions” sketch was one of the highlights of McConaughey’s hosting gig on “SNL” in November. He didn’t appear in the sketch, but several other celebrities, like Jon Hamm, Emma Stone and Michael Bublé, made cameos.

Here’s the original sketch:


However, according to new footage released Tuesday on Mashable, McConaughey might have had the best part of the whole thing, and his contribution didn’t make the cut. Maybe he was just being a generous host and deferring to his Southern hospitality? Who knows.

In outtakes from the sketch, McConaughey does his best (worst?) Lando Calrissian impression while dressed in a jacket that looks like it was borrowed from the “Free State of Jones” set.


Other outtakes include John Boyega in full Denzel Washington-in-“Training Day”-mode, and the woefully underused Sasheer Zamata as Janelle Monáe.

But it’s OK, Matthew. you’ll still have “Interstellar.” And “Contact.”