Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump speaks during a campaign rally at the Henderson Pavilion on October 5, 2016 in Henderson, Nevada. Trump is campaigning ahead of the second presidential debate coming up on October 9 with Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

What if Donald Trump ran for president with a job application? Seattle design studio Hum Creative imagined what an interactive version of his application might look like, starting with a cover letter. It begins “Dear America, I’m submitting my resume for commander in chief. It’s really, really tremendous.”, which does not take a favorable view of the candidate, continues with a fictional personal statement, skills and endorsements. Almost everything is interactive and the design is bold, with a lurid red, white and blue color scheme accompanying quotes from Trump and links to different news articles. The bottom of the website features an Election Day countdown and a message to vote for Hillary Clinton.

Drew Hamlet, lead designer at Hum, posted the site on Designer News, an online community for designers to connect. Forum members can comment and upvote posts, in a similar style to Reddit. Most commented on the design of the website, but a few voiced their concerns with its political slant.

“Really nice design and informative!” Matthew Kosloski wrote. “I like everything about this except for the Hillary Clinton endorsement at the bottom; you should not tell people who to vote for.”

Connor Norvell focused on the design aspect, commenting, “This is beautiful, regardless of your political affiliation. I love you hum.”