Screenshot of Abbrev’s website. (

A satirical website has launched taking shots at modernist cuisine and the preciousness of contemporary dining. leads to a site for Abbrev’s, a fictional self-indulgent restaurant that serves tiny, artful dishes.

All of the fake dishes look to be about a bite, including options like “rav n’ ball,” a take on ravioli and meatball; and “raw tun,” a dollop of tuna in a ¼ teaspoon. The restaurant’s tag line is “Eat. Leave.” Hours are listed as 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. nightly, then Monday-Saturday. And, of course, there is no parking. The site also includes a section called “tatts,” which includes chef-mocking art, like a tattoo of a hot dog from when the chef worked at Alinea in Chicago.

The website lists an address as 5001 Airport Blvd., the old Your Mom’s Burger Bar space, though the template for the site looks like that for Olive & June and Parkside, two restaurants owned by Shawn Cirkiel, who is soon bringing Spanish restaurant Bull Fight to a very nearby section of Airport Boulevard.

What would be the “About” section, here called “Sup,” leads to this explanation:

“Abbrevs is another one of our heavily financed concept restaurants. At Abbrevs, we serve abbreviated versions of food. Each dish is less than a bite, not even a morsel. A minimal nourishment restaurant with a focus on leaving you still hungry – the hope is to create an entirely new dining experience where the “eater” is only somewhat satisfied but thoroughly intrigued.

The message is signed by chefs Anthony and Danny Palumbo, who link to Twitter handle @Palumbros, which has been around for years.

The site also links to Lil’ Buco, a fine dining restaurant for children located at a non-existent address on (where else?) Burnet Road.