From the opening scene of "My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2," where you see just a hand spraying Windex on an icy car door to get it open, you are right back in the lives of the Portokalos family. Very little has changed, which is comforting.

It’s like you’ve been invited to an hour-and-a-half dinner with the family you haven’t seen since 2002. Patriarch Gus (Michael Constantine) can still turn any word into a Greek word. Matriarch Maria (Lainie Kazan) is still hovering over her children. Aunt Voula (Andrea Martin) will never stop sharing way too much information. Cousin Nikki (Gia Carides) remains the life of the party with her teased up hair and pulled up cleavage. The grandmother (Bess Meisler) is still this shadowy figure who can sneak up on you at any moment but is probably the wisest person there.

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