“Xenoblade Chronicles 3D” is a new game for the new Nintendo 3DS. Credit: Nintendo

“Xenoblade Chronicles 3D” is an epic novel that fits in your pocket.

The port of the 2012 Nintendo Wii title shows off the capability of the New Nintendo 3DS (yes, this game won’t work on the garden-variety 3DS systems) in a big way.

If you’re a newcomer to the game, “Xenoblade Chronicles 3D” is an action roleplaying game that won accolades for its massive scope, storytelling and battle system.

All of those translate beautifully to the New 3DS handheld system. Sure, the graphics are dumbed down a bit, but this is an amazingly faithful port.

The game features a protagonist, Shulk, and his friends who are trying to find the mysterious Monado sword while their home world is under attack by robot creatures known as the Mechon.

It’s an open-world game that’s huge in scope, requiring about 50 hours to complete.

The real-time action-based battle system is another key feature of the game, very reminiscent of “Final Fantasy XII” and some online roleplaying games.  You control Shulk while other members of your party auto-attack enemies. Positioning plays an important role in pulling off combos, as well as using magical abilities called “arts.”

“Xenoblade Chronicles 3D” is proof that Japanese RPGs still have plenty of life left, even after their recent slump at the hand of Western counterparts.

If you’re a fan of massively multiplayer online games or franchises like “Final Fantasy,” this game will be right up your alley.

 “Xenoblade Chronicles 3D”
$40, for the New Nintendo 3DS
Rated T for Teen