We all know Austin’s restaurant scene is booming, even with the recent spate of closures, but how does it stack up to other big cities? Alignable and FirstData.com studied transactions during the first six months of the year in the 25 biggest cities in America. And, according to the results, Austinites like to eat out. A lot.

The study crunched numbers to come up with the number of visits and purchases for the average Austin restaurant, along with the average meal price. Judging by this study, it pays to be in the restaurant business in Austin. The average restaurant has had more daily transactions through the first six months (17,714, or about just under 100 a day) than the average restaurant in any other big city in America.

Though many have complained about rising prices in Austin, the average cost of a meal in Austin these days is just over $30, placing Austin 16th on the list. But the sheer volume of meals purchased means the average restaurant in the city has raked about $539,000 to date this year, placing Austin restaurants fourth on the list behind Boston, Washington D.C. and New York City.