Almost a year after closing in the campus area, Austin’s beloved Dog & Duck Pub is finally ready to re-open in a new location on the east side as soon as next week.

Photo by Jeff Mckillop. The new location of the Dog & Duck Pub will have many of the old elements that defined the English-style pub when it was in the campus area, including the ceiling.

Dog & Duck co-owner Jeff McKillop said that after one last round of city inspections this week, the bar will start serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, along with beer and wine, at 2400 Webberville Rd., Ste. A, from 7 a.m. to 12 a.m. daily.

The East Austin spot — a smaller space but better designed than the old one, McKillop said — retains some of the more iconic elements of the former Dog & Duck Pub that had been serving locals pub grub and beer since the spring of 1990. The tin ceiling, fireplace and dog-and-duck statue are back, as is the wood floor in the form of wainscoting along the walls. The original bar is also returning, albeit as a “drinks stand” in one corner, McKillop said.

Plus, 33 beer taps will carry local and international brews, a program the owners are putting together now.

The food menu has probably undergone the most change. “We’ll have a revamped menu that is more English than at the old location, and we’re hoping to be able to be open for breakfast,” McKillop said, listing fish and chips, shepherd’s pie and Scotch eggs as among the items you’ll find at the new Dog & Duck. Look for the updated menu on the Dog & Duck website later this week, when he and co-owner Susan Forrester plan to post it.

Even though the Dog & Duck hasn’t been opened for nearly a year — and is re-opening in an area full of other great local eateries and bars — both owners hope they’ll still be able to draw their old regulars and new faces alike.

“We try to buy locally, everything that we can locally,” McKillop said. “We’re really focused on being part of Austin. We’re Austinites and we want everyone to feel welcome.”