Make sure you know how you’re getting to school. Erin Green/Bastrop Advertiser

The excitement is building. We’ve actually heard the ring of the school bell and seen buses practicing routes this week. It seems everyone has been getting ready for school.

The night before (Sunday for most of us) is a crutial time. Get all of your ducks (and kids) in a row with these tips.

1. Pack the backpack. Make sure you have the basics: pencils, paper, house key (if kids come home before parents), phone (for older kids), and lunch.

2. Figure out where the bus stops. Where it stops and when changes each year. Go to your district’s busstop finder. This year in Austin Indendent School District, you can also track the bus with a new app.

3. Or if you get to school by car, does the driver know how the carpool lane works at that school. Don’t be the car holding up traffic.

4. Make sure kids know where to go once they get to school. Do they go to assembly or their classroom? For older kids, are they heading to homeroom or their first class?

5. Pack the lunch. Make sure to have healthy things, not just junk food. Or load up your school lunch account with dollars.

6. Pick out clothes for the next day. It’s a big decision. Go for comfort and make sure it’s dress-code appropriate. Make sure you know where the shoes are.

7. Set your alarm. Actually set two alarms. We know you didn’t practice getting up earlier in the last few weeks. You don’t want to start the year by being late.

8. Get to bed early. Yep, we know it’s tough and the excitement is making everyone want to burst. You can do it.