Who’d have guessed that the first modern production of a previously long-lost 1710 German puppet version of Shakespeare’s "Hamlet" would be the much buzzed about show last season that went on to the Austin Critics’ Table Award for Best Comedy?

Now, in anticipation of taking Der Bestrafte Brudermord , or Hamlet Prince of Denmark to the London’s Globe Theatre later this year, Austin’s Hidden Room Theatre is remounting its brilliantly original production for one weekend, March 5-7.

Tickets are already selling. Go here for info.

And yes, even though we all know  the Bard’s  Hamlet is a tragedy Der Bestrafte Brudermord is about as irreverent, bawdy, clever and violent as only 18th-century street theater can be.

Forget the long and brooding monologues of the confused Prince Hamlet. A pair of musician/narrators voice all the characters and then some, keeping the 60-minute carnivalesque show on a ribald theatrical rollercoaster.

Hidden Room worked with Tiffany Stern, the Oxford professor whose research brought attention to Der Bestrafte Brudermord. Read all about that in this feature story from last year.