Was it the location (sandwiched in a developing corridor of downtown and tucked at the bottom of a condo tower)? Was it the European pedigree and slightly clubby feel to the space? Was it a tad too fancy or out-of-step with Austin diners? Maybe it was a little of all or none of the above. Whatever the reason, Prelog’s is closing this week at 360 Nueces St. in the 360 Condominium tower.

I’ve always enjoyed my meals from chef-owner Florian Prelog and his staff. I gave them a positive review last year and ranked them 22nd in last year’s Dining Guide (look for this year’s guide in mid-October). Fortunately, Prelog and wife Romana say they are looking for a new location in Central Austin, so this won’t be the last we hear from the team behind the family-run restaurant. While they search for a new space, they will offer catering, in-home dining and cooking classes. Find out more about the forthcoming options at FullFridge.com.

Prelog’s will close after service on Sunday. If you never visited Prelog’s, read my 2015 review to find out what you missed.