Texas Humane Heroes


Domestic Longhair/Mix, male, 4 years

Meet Georgio! Georgio is a laidback boy that enjoys his R&R. His fur is very soft and very well maintained. He is gentle and would do great in a quiet home that he can enjoy his daily cat naps and curling up on the couch with his family!


Domestic Shorthair/ Mix, male, 1 year

Howdy, I’m Andy! I am a sweet and down to earth young fella. I love quiet cuddles and warm snuggles. I enjoy being admired by my people and showering them with affection as well. Come meet me today and find out for yourself.


Labrador Retriever/Mix, female, 2 years

Hello, I’m Layla! I’m a gentle soul, being here with all these people and dogs is a bit overwhelming for me. If you’re willing to put in the time, I’ve got the love and loyalty to give. We could go on walks, watch tv, or just snuggle on the couch. Will you be the one to show me how wonderful the world can be?


Labrador Retriever/Shepherd mix, female, 2 years

Meet Nykie! Nykie is a sweet girl that is looking for her perfect family! Anyone who is free with their belly rubs is perfect in her eyes. That’s how she likes to meet people, but rolling over and asking for a good scratch! She is a playful girl that enjoys her squeaky toys and is very good about entertaining herself but of course, having someone to play with is always better. Nykie would do wonderful with people of any age!


Pit Bull Terrier Mix, male, 2 years

Hi! My name is Kal and I am a sweet, lovable boy who just wants to climb in your lap and hang out. Need a running partner? Let’s go! Need a cuddle buddy? I’m your boy! Come check me out and I’ll be best your new best friend! I get along with all people I have met here, including respectful older children. I would prefer to be the only dog in your heart.

Austin Pets Alive!


American Pit Bull Terrier/Catahoula Leopard, male, 10 years, 2 months

This snuggly goofball’s favorite things include walking the Ladybird Lake (Town Lake) trail, playing with his stuffed animals, and cuddling with our volunteers. He is great on leash and enjoys taking in all the smells and happily greeting admirers. When he’s tuckered out, he’ll lie down with a stuffed toy, playfully tossing it up to himself. He also loves curling up next to people, hoping you’ll scratch his back or rub his soft belly while he dozes off.


Labrador Retriever/Mountain Cur, male, 3 years, 5 months

Drumstick seems like a Labrador through and through. The stunning eyes, adorable face (which he fully sticks in his water bowl at drink time), beautifully colored coat and intelligence all point to the exuberant Labrador. Looking for a way to burn off all his energy? Drummy LOVES to go swimming. There’s nothing better in the world to him than to chase balls as they are thrown over the water. Because of his sheer size and true-to-Labrador tendency to have no idea where his entire body is in space, Drumstick needs a home with no small children or cats.

Blue Meadow

Pit Bull Terrier, female, 4 years, 9 months

Just look into the eyes of this sweetheart of a dog and you will make an instant connection. Blue will win you over with her smarts, her heart, her loyalty, and readiness to be a valuable part of a wonderful family. This sweet girl prefers to be a homebody. She’s comfortable being in a familiar home. Although she has been nervous out in strange, crowded and noisy places, she visited a couple restaurants recently and did well!
Blue is an attentive, loving girl with a sense of humor who could be a great walking or one day running partner.

Captain Bonkers

Domestic Shorthair, male, 3 years, 3 months

Captain Bonkers is a sweet boy with a very loving disposition. He’s a little shy at first (making new friends can be intimidating!) but after he knows you’re cool, he’s happy to get to know you! He doesn’t want to be held tight… maybe this feels just a bit undignified to a Captain. But, tummy rubs? He’ll overcome his dignity for these! Captain Bonkers would do best in a slow and peaceful home with one or more cat buddies and loving humans that will lavish him with petting, affection and conversation.


Siamese, female, 8 years, 2 months

Kylie is a wonderfully cat-like cat. She acts just as a cat should in every situation. She enjoys lounging around the house, batting around a toy here and there, and rubbing against your legs. Kylie will purr like a motorboat while being pet or even while she lies next to you. This girl does not like to be picked up, but she is always very friendly and welcoming. She is curious about other cats, and if they are open to her she will be their friend. Kylie is friendly with children too.

Thundering Paws Animal Sanctuary


Domestic Shorthair, male, 5 years

Jimmy is a shy, sweet fellow who likes other kitties.  He enjoys quiet, calm environments.  Given these conditions, Jimmy’s sweet personality comes out, and he wants petting and interaction.  He has a very gentle nature and enjoys being with other cats who are dominant, because he’s not.


Domestic Shorthair, female, 5 years

Rosie is such a sweetie. Rosie likes everyone. She loves people and loves to play with other kittens. She was found injured outside the Wells Fargo bank in Dripping Springs, probably hit by a car, but she has completely recovered. She has beautiful big golden eyes and sleek black fur.


Domestic Shorthair, female, 1 year 9 months

Winky is a petite long-haired cat whose black fur has cinnamon undertones. It’s not clear how she hurt  her eye, but after she was trapped as a four-month old kitten in Dripping Springs in January of 2014, the injury was so severe that her eye was removed. She gets along with other cats, even the obnoxious ones at her foster family’s home, and, once she warms up to you, will snuggle in your lap for petting and purring sessions. Winky has impeccable manners, a cute scar and a fashionable cropped ear. She’s ready for a home of her own.


Domestic Shorthair, male, 1 year, 9 months

Hi, I’m Tigger and I’m a really nice guy. I’m friendly and affectionate and when my foster mom picks me up I like to be kissed on the cheek. I also love to be brushed, especially around my cheeks and chin. That feels so good! I love to find a ray of sun and have a good snooze. Plus I’ve learned to sleep through the night in my cat bed and I’ve been gaining weight since my foster mom first found me. Sometimes I can be a bit timid but am learning to trust more and I do get along with other cats. I’m a great companion all the way around.


Retriever Mix, female, 11 months

Hello! My name is Cassidy and I so want a forever home! I had a rough start, but now that I have a foster family I hope the rest of my life will be great! At first, I may seem a little shy, but if you will show me love, I’ll warm up to you. I love to run and jog and play outside but am having to limit my exercise right now. My dog doctor says I have a condition called hypertrophic osteodystrophy, (HOD). This is a temporary condition which should go away when my bones stop growing so fast, probably in two years or less. I get along fine with other dogs but I do chase cats.

Austin Animal Center

Mustachio(ID A703168)

Domestic short hair, male, 3 months

This outgoing and very active boy needs a playmate! Kittens are good in pairs, or if you have a cat at home that needs a companion, he is at a perfect age to make that introduction! He is very social and was raised with other cats, dogs and children! Mustachio is a kitten that was in our foster program, along with his two other siblings.

Toby (ID A705366)

Terrier mix, male, 3 months

Puppy, puppy, puppy!  We all know that puppies need to live indoors  with supervision! Yes, they are more work than an adult dog that is already trained but sometimes you just cannot resist. Stop! You need to! Think before you adopt any pet, how much free time do you really have to raise a baby?

Ruby(ID A704858)

Mini Pincher, female 4 years

Princess Ruby is great on her leash, loves to be held, rides great in the car and is searching for her forever home!

Athena(ID A702614)

Anatolian mix, female, 1 year

Athena arrived at Austin Animal Center in very poor shape. She was underweight, and in need of health care and flea control. She was very shy and concerned about everything around her. Athena is a different girl now! Social and loving she is feeling much better and really enjoys company! Loves to stroll on her leash and play with other dogs!

Milo (ID A701108)

Labrador mix, male, 8 years

He is friendly, well-behaved, an expert at wiggling onto your lap, snuggling, and getting belly rubs. Milo loves people and other dogs. He is young enough to be playful and take you on long walks or short jogs, and walks nicely on leash, but he is also housebroken and mature enough to be trusted alone in the house while you are at work and to let you sleep in. Beautiful Milo is great with the two senior dogs in his foster home, but would also love a more playful doggie sibling.