Austin Animal Center

Wilbur (ID A699338)

1 year old Labrador mix, Neutered male

Wilbur is a classic Labrador! He knows sit, loves to go for walks, rides well in the car, likes to play fetch, loves water and keeps his kennel very clean. He has recovered from a broken leg that AAC completed the surgery on, and now is ready to go!

Delta & Dawn  (IDs A705909 & A705010)

12 week old Domestic Short hair, Spayed Females

Outgoing and very curious these sisters would be a great adoption together! Please be sure you are ready to adopt, it is a lifetime commitment!

Tucker (ID A705604)

3 month old Tabby, Neutered Male

Meet Tucker and be ready for a purr fest! Tucker is very social and loves to play! He would be a great addition to any family willing to keep him indoors and safe, you can easily keep him updated on all his health care needs by choosing a low cost wellness clinic.

Martin (ID A707343)

9 week old Domestic Long hair, Neutered Male

Austin Pets Alive!


7 years, 7 months, female, Pit Bull Terrier

Vega is truly one of the snuggliest, happiest, most joyful girls you’ll meet. She really NEVER stops smiling and is a big, mellow, lovable couch potato. Calm, quiet, and polite around the house this girl REALLY bonds with her people. She needs to be the only pet in the home, though she’s very social and loves human house guests. She’s a smart girl and very eager to please, making her ideal for training and teaching new commands.


9 years, 9 months, female, Rat Terrier

Are you an experienced dog owner in a child-free, pet-free home? If so, read on. Clarice is a handful, we won’t pretend she’s not, but in the right environment she is a delightful dog. She is tolerant of the resident cats, until they get in her way. She doesn’t really know how to interact with dogs. A few very tolerant dogs have been able to coexist with Clarice by either ignoring her or putting her in her place. Clarice is not exactly a social butterfly. She loves being around her human, whoever that human is at the time, but is not very accepting of visitors.


3 years, 5 months, male, American Staffordshire Terrier

Tugg is the perfect name for this cutie, since he loves for you to tug on toys with him! Will you be his new tug buddy? This energetic pup wants anyone and everyone to play with him. He loves to run and will play fetch all day. He adores his toys and shows them off to his people by proudly prancing around with them in his mouth. He has excellent leash skills and is a great walking partner. This boy would do best in an adult-only home. If there are other dogs in the home where Tugg would be living, a meet and greet would be the best way to find out if everyone gets along.

Miss Kitty

9 years, 10 months, female, Domestic Shorthair

Miss Kitty was very afraid when she came into her foster home. She did not want to be touched at all. She hid in cabinets, ate very little, and only when she was alone. The owner that surrendered her to the shelter said she was fearful, aloof, and quiet. This is the exact opposite of the cat we know today. She is an extreme lap cat, she is vocal, friendly, and she comes right up to rub on new people. Miss Kitty does not get along with other cats. She is not aggressive, but she definitely does not want other cats in her space. We have never seen her around dogs.

14 years, 5 months, male, Domestic Shorthair

Trevor is an older gentleman of stocky build and unique coloring. He has a simultaneously goofy and regal nature. Got a rambunctious kitten who’s always in everyone’s business? Trevor doesn’t care. Got a needy dog who wags and wiggles all over the house? Trevor doesn’t pay any mind. He just wants to hang out. Trevor is on the stockier side as far as cats go and has arthritis. Trevor has arthritis and certain actions are pretty difficult for him. Sometimes will pee in his sleep because it’s difficult for him to get up; Trevor will need a pretty understanding, cat-savvy home with people who aren’t strangers to cleaning up after them.

Texas Humane Heroes


4 years, male, Domestic Longhair/Mix

Meet Georgio! He has a beautiful fluffy coat that no one can resist! He is a sweet boy that likes to watch the world go by from the safety of a window. He is looking for a home that he can relax in and be the cat’s meow!


2 years, female, Domestic Longhair/Mix

Meet Olivia! Olivia is a sweet girl that has a “Momma” personality. She baby’s everyone and everything! But Olivia still loves to be babied herself. Come in and love on the awesome Olivia to see just how great she is.


4 years, male, Chihuahua, Short Coat/Mix

Meet Duke! He is the Duke of Cuddles! Duke loves spending quality time snuggling up with his human. He is the the ultimate lap dog! But don’t let that fool you, he loves being outdoors, running and playing! He gets along great with other dogs and would love another canine companion but as long as he has a safe and loving home, he is happy. Won’t you be the one to give that to him?


2 years, male, Terrier/Mix

Hi, I’m Chipper! I’m a hip hound looking for a pad to call my own! I’m still getting used to being around all these new people, so don’t let first impressions worry you. I’m still learning how awesome people really can be. (Yummy treats sure help!) I would sure love to be your loyal Fido!


1 year, female, Spaniel, English Cocker/Retriever, Labrador

Meet Olive! Olive is a loveable girl that’s a lot of fun to be around! She’s spunky and spry and is ready for a home that will love her to pieces! She enjoys the company of other canines and does great with kiddos! She is an all around great girl that is ready to find her family!

Thundering Paws Animal Sanctuary


1 year, Female, Domestic Shorthair

Hi, I’m Tootsie. I’m a sweet, gentle girl who is a little shy with people. I’m still learning to trust but once I’m on your lap I will purr for you and enjoy being petted. I’ll do best in a fairly quiet home, and I wouldn’t mind having another kitty to play with. If you’re looking for a pair of kittens, please consider me and one of my siblings.


1 year, Male, Domestic Shorthair

Because my sisters, brothers and I were homeless — without regular meals and human love, I admit I’m a little shy at first. But now I’ve learned how to purr like a little engine and stretch my arms out towards you when you walk in the room. I like other cats when they play with me and I’m learning about the dog that lives at my foster home. I’d do well in a home with adults or with a family with older kids.


3 months, Female, Domestic Shorthair


5 months, Female, Domestic Shorthair


3 months, Male, Domestic Shorthair

Gizmo the little gremlin is always into something, curious and ready to try anything, especially cuddles and hugs.