Austin Animal Center

Roscoe(ID A669582)

3-year-old Pit Bull mix, male

Roscoe is a ball-fetching champion who loves active games and he LOVES to go swimming and will readily leap into the water! He knows "sit," and "down" and "drop it," and seems to be housetrained. He’s been at the shelter for over a year and really needs to find his own active forever family! Although he’ll pass other dogs on the trail without batting an eye, he is fairly uncertain about close contact with other dogs so would be best as an only dog.

Major(ID A627376)

5-year-old Staffordshire mix, male

Big handsome Major is a staff favorite and we want to tell you all the reasons why!! He knows sit, walks great on his leash, seems housetrained, and loves people! We call him the ‘cuddle bug’! He needs to be an inside dog and be with his family!

Lilly (ID A699173)

12-week-old Domestic Short hair, female

Lilly arrived at AAC with a broken tail and in pain, our veterinarians decided it was best for her if the ‘broken’ part of the tail was surgically removed. Now Lilly needs a foster home for 1 month so she can heal!

Zelda (ID A697235)

3-year-old Harrier hound mix, female

We love Zelda at AAC, she is certainly a staff favorite for very good reason. When she arrived at AAC she was very underweight and had an infected wound on her side. Even while she was in pain she was always happy to see us. Zelda has suffered trauma to her hind leg and in fact her face is a bit sideway too, but we think she has a distinct and unique look that fits her loving personality!

Max(ID A699725)

4-month-old Jack Russell terrier mix, male

Max is a very special pup that was hit by a car, literally crushed and very lucky to be alive now. Our veterinarians completed an incredible surgery and he is well on his way to recovery. He will need time to heal and his new owner should be able to care for him for the remainder of his life, and always keep your pets safely contained.

Austin Pets Alive!


Australian Cattle Dog Pointer, male, 1 year, 11 months

Check out this great looking young dog. Stevie is just starting to mature into an adult and has loads of potential to become a great pet. He can be a bit tentative when meeting someone new, but once he’s warmed up he is all about affection. Stevie didn’t appear to have had much practice on a leash before he came to our shelter. But he is learning quickly and is fairly easy to walk. He’s also learning to sit, stay and down on command. He’s a people-pleaser and anxious to learn his manners so he can fit in well at your home. He is medium energy and really enjoys walks. He would do best in a home where he is the only dog, and should be in a home with teenagers or older.


Bulldog, American Terrier, Staffordshire Bull, male, 9 years, 3 months

Banjo is a lover of people, cuddling, swimming, and sticks or tennis balls. Toss him one across the yard and let him entertain you with his proud prancing, happy wiggling, and earnest chewing. He is a sweet companion who is content to lie next to you while you go about your business, always making sure that at least a small part of his body is touching you. Banjo is very willing to learn, too! In fact, he has been working on his Canine Good Citizen skills with APA staff and volunteers.  Banjo does not like cats and would likely do best as the only dog in your home.


Terrier, Pit Bull Mix, male, 2 years, 6 months

Affectionately referred to as "T-Woo" by staff and volunteers, this handsome pup is more cat than dog. He loves to rub against people (and furniture), and he’s far more interested in attention than toys. After a walk or two around the block, he’ll snuggle up contentedly at your side. T-Woo is a smart boy who knows and continues to improve on several commands: sit, down, place, crate, recall, drop, shake (both paws!), and leave it. He is house and crate trained. He’s a dog who needs boundaries, but will thrive once he knows what’s expected of him and what will get him praise (and treats!). His disklikes include: cats, other dogs, rain, and being left alone. But he loves: people, kongs, his crate, playing tug, and bubbles.

Central Texas SPCA


German Shepherd, male, 1 year

Here’s Cortez! Cortez is a shepherd mix, but no one knows where he got those long legs from! Still young, Cortez has some growing to do, and many situations are new to him, so he’ll need a good friend to show him the way. Cortez seems to get along well with other dogs, and has that shepherdy-sweetness that makes his breed such a wonderful family friend. Cortez would do well with an active family and a good sized yard. Shepherds tend to roam, though, so supervision is a must. Cortez has a big future ahead of him, and you should be part of it! No cats please!


Domestic Short Hair, female, 10 months

Annie is a very distinctive young kitty with a very unique face that points out her Egyptian heritage. She is not furless, but rather very lightly covered in short hair in a lovely orange and cream coloring. Annie has a gravelly sort of meow that sounds more like a hiss, but this kitty is full of hugs and purrs! Quiet and loving, this kitty will make a perfect apartment companion. Come down and meet Miss Annie today!


Border Collie and Anatolian Shepherd, male, 2 years

Dodger, aka the "kissing bandit", is the resident love bug of the shelter. Any chance he gets, Dodger is kissing and loving on everyone. He’s a smart boy who already knows how to sit on command and we’re sure that he’ll learn other commands in a jiffy! He’s got a gorgeous, soft, longer coat that’s great to pet. With dewclaws on his back feet, we reckon that he’s got some Anatolian shepherd mixed with Border collie. Dodger is an absolute sweetheart and we’re sure he’d be happy to be your new best friend!


Domestic Short Hair, male, 2 months

Toro is a feisty young man with a lot of love to give. He loves to play and his favorite activity is hunting his mouse toys. Toro loves to cuddle, and his purr can be heard from miles away when he’s snuggling with his favorite person. At just 8 weeks old, he’s still got a ton of kitten energy and sweetness. You should definitely stop by and play, he’d be happy to meet you!


Domestic Medium Hair, male, 1 year

Simba is a fun little guy who loves people. Any chance he gets, he’s climbing all over everyone in hopes of getting attention. His long haired orange tabby coat is reminiscent of his namesake, and he takes the same hakuna matata attitude towards life. Although Simba is super sweet with people, he’s not a big fan of dogs. We think he’d do best in a single cat home with a loving family. Come by and see him today, we’re sure you’ll be won over by his charm!

Texas Humane Heroes

Miss Priss

Domestic Shorthair/Mix, female, 1 year

Hi! I’m Miss Priss! You’ll have to excuse my shyness…I’m getting used to living indoors! I’m a sweet girl and am ready for a home so that I can share my love. Once I have a chance to adjust to my surroundings, I look forward to being your new friend!


Domestic Shorthair/Mix, female, 2 years

Introducing Cattywhompas! Cattywhompas is the name and silly is the game. She loves to explore and will be the queen bee of the house. She enjoys playing games and is an active girl. She likes to cuddle but only after she decides she’s had enough playtime.


Chihuahua, Short Coat/Mix, male, 4 years

Meet Duke! He is the Duke of Cuddles! Duke loves spending quality time snuggling up with his human. He is the the ultimate lap dog! But don’t let that fool you, he loves being outdoors, running and playing! He gets along great with other dogs and would love another canine companion but as long as he has a safe and loving home, he is happy. Won’t you be the one to give that to him?


Terrier/Mix, male, 1 year

Hey, I’m Alex! I’m a sensitive pup looking for a patient, loving home! I’m still learning how to connect with humans, you guys are just so big and make so many noises! But I promise to be the best dog I can be. Will you be the one to teach me?


Basset Hound/Mix, male, 4 years

Meet Gus! Gus is a happy little boy that is ready for a home of his own! He enjoys playing with his people and even other dogs! He would make a perfect fit into any home! As long as they aren’t too active, his little legs can only go so fast!

Thundering Paws Animal Sanctuary


1 year, Female, Domestic Shorthair

Hi, I’m Tootsie. I’m a sweet, gentle girl who is a little shy with people. I’m still learning to trust but once I’m on your lap I will purr for you and enjoy being petted. I love snoozing in a hammock and watching through the window as birds come to the feeder. Like most kittens I love to play, and I have a good time romping around with my sister.

My foster mom says I have a lot of "potential" (whatever that means) and will blossom over time when I find the right family. I’ll do best in a fairly quiet home, and I wouldn’t mind having another kitty to play with. If you’re looking for a pair of kittens, please consider me and one of my siblings.


1 year, Male, Domestic Shorthair

Because my sisters, brothers and I were homeless — without regular meals and human love, I admit I’m a little shy at first. But now I’ve learned how to purr like a little engine and stretch my arms out towards you when you walk in the room. That’s why Stretch is my name and cuddling with you is my favorite game. I like other cats when they play with me and I’m learning about the dog that lives at my foster home. He seems nice enough. I’d do well in a home with adults or with a family with older kids. At first, I like to explore my surroundings room by room so I feel safe. Once that happens, I relax and feel at home. Maybe that could be your home?


4 months, Male, Domestic Shorthair

Entitled! Takes his siblings’ food, toys, whatever.

Freckles’s favorite word is "Mine!"  But he will also take your heart as hops in your lap and invites you to love on him.  You will  be rewarded with lots of purrs and gentle play bites.  He is an awesome cat in the making.  Great tuxedo personality.


5 months, Male, Domestic Shorthair


3 months, Female, Domestic Shorthair

Millie, sweet and cuddly but, look out! She’ll attack your ankles to get you to play.