Janina O’Leary

Barbecue from arguably the best pit master in Texas with donuts from one of the state’s best pastry chefs? What would Homer Simpson say?

All of your sticky-sweet-meaty dreams will come true on October 2, as Janina O’Leary (formerly of LaV and Trace) will sell her sweet, fluffy donuts at a pop-up sale at her Play Dough Pop-Up at Franklin Barbecue.

O’Leary will sell her salty dulce doughnuts, bourbon banana Franklin doughnut and brioche doughnuts for $2 each and her strawberry cobbler jam and Nutella mousse “dippers” for $1 each. The sale starts at 9 a.m. and goes until she is sold out. That Franklin doughnut? It’s a brioche doughnut with bourbon-banana pudding on the inside and a brisket-chocolate glaze on the outside. Oh, and it’s fried in brisket fat. O’Leary says it, “Tastes better than is sounds.” I say it sounds pretty damn good as it is.

In addition to that pop-up, O’Leary will be hosting a Play Dough Pop-Up Bake Sale (3012 Gonzalez St.) at the Swoop House this Sunday starting at 11 a.m. In addition to donuts, cinnamon rolls, market pizzetas and more, O’Leary will also sell beer, wine and mimosas.