In 2009, when Zack Carlson was working as a programmer for the Alamo Drafthouse, he bid $50 for a 35mm print of a 1987 action movie called “Miami Connection,” a film he knew nothing about. 

The rest is Drafthouse history.  Carlson, the co-author of the still-amazing book “Destroy All Movies!,”screened the deeply weird cocaine-ninja-crime-sort-of-musical, it became a cult smash and Drafthouse Films eventually re-released the thing in 2012.

Now, Carlson is telling the story of “Miami Connection” in the inaugural episode of the new Vice documentary series, “Outsider,” which profiles the various creatives behind some of the world’s weirdest movies. Carlson serves as host and co-producer.

Check out the first episode here.

And take a look at the almighty “Miami Connection” here.