The trip to Brady and Melvin was a true Texas trip, no doubt. But my plan to share photos along the way was†derailed by zero Internet service at the goat cook-off and a weak wi-fi at the hotel. (And the reality that Iím not as good a photographer as I think I am.)†So, nestled safely back in Austin, here are 11 photos from the trip.

I was heading west, I just turned around to take the photo of sunrise in Pontotoc. Photo by Dave Thomas

The fog on Saturday morning gave the whole early-morning drive an ethereal feeling. Photo by Dave Thomas

This cow skull was decorating the fence line behind the historical marker at Calf Creek. Photo by Dave Thomas

This is my favorite photo from the trip. Found it in Melvin. There was nobody nearby to ask what the intention was. Photo by Dave Thomas

I have no idea what this building in Melvin used to be. But with the ďtoxicĒ sign pointing in this direction, I wasnít going to look very closely. Photo by Dave Thomas

Not everything in Melvin was a ruin. The Evangelical Free Church had a historical marker in front of it identifying it as the former Swedish Free Mission Church. Photo by Dave Thomas

This sign at Richards Park in Brady has seen a lot of years. Photo by Dave Thomas

Iím not sure who this guy is, but somebody in Brady knows. Photo by Dave Thomas

No telling if the Christian book store is still open. On Sunday morning, most folks are at church in Brady. Photo by Dave Thomas

You canít go to a small town on the edge of West Texas and not look at the football stadium. Photo by Dave Thomas

In case you missed the blog, Opieís BBQ was very, very good. Photo by Dave Thomas