Now that the Beatles have announced plans to join the major streaming services on Christmas Eve, fans of the Fab Four can not only add the timeless tunes of John, Paul, George and Ringo to their existing mixes, but they also can start perfecting their ideal playlist of Beatle songs.

Beatlemaniacs can build a list from the 224 tracks that appeared on the 13 original UK album releases and from "Past Masters," the 1980s-era singles collection first released on compact disc.

So how do you come up with the perfect playlist?

Do you prefer early moptop-era Beatles? Mustachioed, psychedelic-era Beatles? Or long-haired breakup-era Beatles?

Do you pick the hit singles or deep album cuts? Or do you just stick to songs by your favorite Beatle? How do you decide? All you need is love (of the music).

Until the Beatles start streaming one minute after midnight on Dec. 24, here’s a Spotify playlist of tracks performed by the Beatles as solo artists to whet your appetite:

[spotify id="spotify%253Auser%253Aaustin360%253Aplaylist%253A2kq9046um65VX1LpbH6l25" /]

What’s on your playlist? Answer in the comments