Access ATX is a new tour company in Austin. Photo from Meagan Fritts.

Sometimes, it can be hard for visitors and locals alike to know all the ins and outs of Austin. Food trucks open and close and move just as you’ve figured out what their hours are. And a two-hour wait for food isn’t restricted to nationally-known barbecue.

That’s where Meagan Fritts wants to step in and provide a better experience with her new tour company, Access ATX. She organizes small tours that take guests to a handful of local hot spots and old favorites — sometimes in a theme, such as barbecue or food trucks, and other times just a general city tour with food. You can sign up for one of the existing tours or inquire about a specialized one for your group. Tickets start at $75 per person, and Fritts already has some special tours set up, including a holiday trip to San Antonio. Find out more at