is a new nonprofit that aims to bring together the music, tech and food industries to raise money and awareness about food insecurity. Photo from

Austinís social, nonprofit and entrepreneurial worlds collide in all kinds of ways, and sometimes, those worlds collide and form a nonprofit.

Thatís the case with, an alliance between the music, food and tech industries that aims to raise money and awareness to reduce hunger and food insecurity in Central Texas. For example, the organization might partner with a tech or music company downtown and host a virtual food drive, where instead of dropping off cans, employees can donate money, which the Central Texas Food Bank, Feeding Texas and other partner agencies can put to more efficient use. The company or music venue that hosts the drive typically matches employee donations.

They are calling this a ďnew food drive conceptĒ that captures the spirit of the drive in a world so consumed with mobile technology, and itís only part of what co-founder Eric Earthman, owner of Counter 357, envisions for the group. In addition to partnering with the Central Texas Food Bank, he wants to work with other food relief and food security programs, shelters, schools and restaurants to share some of the bounty that has made Austinís food scene so attractive to so many, even though a third of Austinites struggle with food insecurity.

By raising awareness in the music and technology industries at events that include a launch on July 20 at the Parish, Earthman knows he can connect with some of Austinís most vibrant communities not only to raise money but also to increase awareness about the ways that hunger affects a city and the three pillars of food security: food use, accessibility and availability.

He hopes to expand the organization to Los Angeles and Denver but is eager to talk to people in other cities who might see vibrant communities that need a cause to rally around. Interested? Email him at You can find out more about the organization at