It’s a good time to be a vegan in Austin.

Even if you don’t eat animal products, you can readily enjoy ice cream, doughnuts, cupcakes, tacos, ramen, chili and even fine dining from a trailer in many places around Central Texas. A new guide chronicles the past 40 years of what it’s like being a vegan in Austin and affirms how quickly and creatively the vegan economy and culture is growing.

The book, “Vegan Survival Guide to Austin” (History Press, $16.99) from Carolyn Tracy and Julie Wernersbach, is full of little vignettes about the activists, bloggers and entrepreneurs who led the way and the pioneering businesses that were also beloved gathering spaces, such as Casa de Luz, Mr. Natural and Mother’s Cafe.

The authors, who are vegan bloggers and booksellers at BookPeople, also cover many of the food trailers, shops, events, grocery stores and locally made products that make this place a “vegan paradise.” You can find their blog at