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Cultura en Austin wants you to kick off the first Monday of the year in style. We present a blog feature called Music Monday, where we highlight new or recent Latin alternative music videos from artists who should be on your radar. We’ll showcase Austin-based musicians as well as those who have performed in Austin or will soon.

Artist: Carla Morrison

Morrison’s melancholy songs and enchanting voice have helped her build a loyal following in the Latin alternative scene. She got her start in 2006, playing in various cover bands in Mexico. She later moved to Phoenix and was part of the popular band “Babaluca.” Despite the band’s success, Morrison moved back to Mexico to pursue a solo career.

The Latin Grammy award-winning singer-songwriter is also part of an important wave of Mexican female Latin alternative/indie artists paving a prominent path for a new generation of Latina artists. She’s taken the stage in Austin before, and hopefully we’ll see her again now that she’s touring in support of her latest album, “Amor Supremo.”

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Song: “Un Beso” Album: “Amor Supremo”

Morrison has described her latest album as being more emotional and conceptual than her previous work.  The official video for “Un Beso” has received mixed reviews for its avant-garde presentation, which features post-modern dance choreography and a more sensual side of the artist. Love it or hate it, you can’t deny the stop-you-in-your-tracks vocals that have the power to move you no matter what language you speak.

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