Photo by Phil Skinner

St. Joseph, Missouri is a must-visit this July.

News Press Now, a local paper in St. Joseph, reported April 5 that a new McDonald’s will open in July as the new location for McDonald’s to test-drive their newest feature: unlimited french fries.

(Cue internal monologue that is exclusively images of french fries covering the planet.)

The McDonald’s will also have kiosks where customers can order their food, and comfortable seating options such as armchairs and couches.

The owners also plan to cater heavily toward the children demographic, with a play place including interactive light board tables, tabletop video games with different gaming options, and digital play. According to News Press Now, “the play equipment will have multiple stories with a separate party room nearby, with a dedicated staff to attend to private party needs.”

Cool, but the most important part of this new McDonald’s is indubitably the unlimited fries.