The Smithsonian is seeking rock ‘n’ roll-related photo submissions for its website and a future book project. The website already features some images from professional as well as amateur photographers. Credit: Smithsonian Books.

If you feel self-conscious taking photos at rock concerts, it’s time for a confidence boost: your images might end up in The Smithsonian.

For the next year, the organization is accepting photo submissions on its site and its seeking both old photos you might have stashed in shoeboxes as well as new digital images. “We want rock ‘n’ roll as seen through your eyes: at clubs, concerts, festivals and beyond,” the website says.

Images will be accepted through December 2016 and a book project by Bill Bentley is scheduled to be published in 2017. Up to 90 images can be submitted per person in categories including “Alternative,” “Punk,” “Hip Hop” and others. The Smithsonian also asks for information about where and how the photo was taken as well as whether it was altered in any way. The site already features some photographs from professional and amateur shooters, but so far very little detailing music history out of Austin.

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