Meat Loaf visits Waterloo Records on Aug. 4.

He’ll greet you, he’ll sign your CD booklet, but he won’t play an in-store. Well, as the song goes, “Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad.”

Meat Loaf, singer of that 1970s smash among other apocalyptic melodramas, will stop by Waterloo Records at 4 p.m. this Thursday, Aug. 4. The occasion is a signing-only event connected to his upcoming release “Braver Than We Are,” due out Sept. 16 on 429 Records.

If you pre-purchase the record at the store, they’ll give you a CD booklet, which Mr. Loaf (as The New York Times legendarily called him) will then sign. He’ll only sign those CD booklets, so you can leave your “Bat Out of Hell” vinyl at home.

The new record is another collaboration with his longtime cohort Jim Steinman, plus producer Paul Crook. Meat Loaf, born Michael Lee Aday in Dallas in 1947, moved to Austin a few years ago, according to a 2012 Variety article.