Photo credit AP

One of our very own fellow Texans shares an uncanny resemblance to One Direction’s Harry Styles — he’s just missing a British accent, is 15 years old and goes by the name Bailey Davila.

Though many news outlets are reporting that Davila is a student from Texas, we’re not sure which city he hails from. Either way, it’s hard to argue that this kid doesn’t look at least a bit like the singer. Just take a look at these photos of Davila next to those of Styles.

Meet Bailey Davila, the 15 year-old @Harry_Styles lookalike. Can he pass for the @onedirection star? –@BlakeAndWylde

— KiSS 92.5 (@KiSS925) June 28, 2016

But according to an interview with This Morning, a talk-show in the U.K., Davila said he doesn’t try to emulate Styles. Live-streaming from Houston, he said he’s not really a fan of One Direction but is learning to play guitar and likes to write music.

“I’m more into that punk-rock style,” he said. “Not so much that One Direction.”