Vilma Mazaite will shift roles to executive consultant at LaV. (Credit: Buff Strickland)

One of the city’s best service professionals is shifting gears. LaV’s Vilma Mazaite will leave her position as director of wine and take on the role of executive consultant. In her new position, Mazaite will focus on launching LaV’s Austin: Celebrate Burgundy, a new wine and food festival celebrating Burgundy wines and regional French food that LaV plans to host in its restaurant and garden in early 2017.

“We believe Austin is ready for a world class wine and food event and there is no one better to lead it than Vilma,” LaV general manager Jamie Wagner said. “We’re excited to start Celebrate Burgundy and look forward to working with others in the Austin food and wine community to make it a reality.”

After being culled from the Little Nell in Aspen, Mazaite served on the opening team at LaV and was named a “Best Sommelier of 2015” by Food and Wine magazine. Under Mazaite’s stewardship, LaV’s wine program garnered “Best of Award of Excellence” from Wine Spectator and the restaurant was named “Best 100 Wine Restaurants in the US” by Wine Enthusiast magazine. LaV will announce a new director of wine in the coming weeks.

“I am very proud of what we’ve done at laV and am excited to be starting our next venture,” Mazaite said. “I believe we can create a unique wine and food experience in Austin. We’ve  already begun securing participants from Burgundy and have been met with great enthusiasm from several producers.”

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