Taken from my story in the American-Statesman:

Forrest Hooper, 83, right, and William “Bill” Lavallee, 88, got married on Aug. 1 after 59 years together.

Early on June 26, 2015 — the day that the crucial U.S. Supreme Court decision was announced — their phone rang and rang.

A voice crashed over the line, “You guys can get married!

William “Bill” Lavallee drowsily replied, “We can’t afford to get married!”

Two days later, friends of Lavallee, 88, and Forrest Hooper, 83, picked them up from their South Austin apartment to obtain a marriage license. The merry troupe arrived at the Travis County offices bristling with official papers collected over the couple’s 59-year partnership.

“The clerk just said, ‘Yes, here you go,’” Hooper recalls. “All these straight couples were cheering for us. One woman came over in tears and hugged us.”