All the flavors Halo Top offers. Photo via Halo Top

As the weather warms up in Austin, the reminder of spring and shorts and no more big sweaters looms over our heads. There are gym memberships, cycling classes, yoga in the park, but it’s hard to cut delicious things out of your life. So what is there to do?

You could eat ice cream for 10 days straight.

Shane Snow did a rather unscientific experiment for GQ where he ate nothing but ice cream for 10 days straight, and lost 9.9 pounds in the process.

Quick nutrition facts are listed with each flavor of Halo Top ice cream on the website. Photo via Halo Top

The caveat? He ate a specific brand of ice cream—Halo Top, which is “low-calorie” and “high-protein.”

At 240 to 280 calories per pint, it sounds too good to be true. And it tastes like regular ice cream, according to themselves and to reviewers like Healthy Eater and the Ice Cream Informant. The company uses organic stevia, a sugar substitute derived from a plant, to sweeten the ice cream. Halo Top also adds in erythritol, another sugar substitute.

If you eat a pint for every meal, that adds up to 840 calories at most. But with over-indulging and calorie-cutting via ice cream comes sacrifice.

Eating only ice cream was fine protein, carbohydrate and calorie-intake-wise, but Snow was not getting any vitamins or minerals, causing a cold and a persistent canker sore. He ate a total of 50 pints of ice cream over the 10-day period.

Snow started to hate the diet almost as soon as he started. By the end of the first day, he craved real food.

“However, by the time I arrived at the restaurant where my friends were watching The Golden Globes that night, my stomach was rumbling.” he wrote. “For the next three hours they drank frozen margaritas and ate truffle-lobster mac-and-cheese. I, having left pint number five at home, had club soda. By the time Leo made his acceptance speech, everyone was happily drunk and loud. My head hurt. I went home alone and ate ice cream.”

Snow lost 9.9 pounds and 3 percent body fat at the end of his diet. While that doesn’t sound too bad (especially as a result of eating ice cream only), Halo Top isn’t available locally yet; the only way to get it is to order online.

Plus, a taco cleanse sounds much more appealing.