I never in all my life thought I’d like meatloaf enough to write a whole story about it.

As a kid, I could barely choke down the bite or two that my parents would ask of me, but now, I find myself scarfing up meatloaf wherever I can find it.

Thai meatloaf from Kin and Comfort. Photo by Addie Broyles.

Hoover’s Cooking on Manor Road is one of those places, but so is Kin and Comfort, the eatery inside the food court at Hana World Market in North Lamar that serves a Thai meatloaf that is absolutely worth the drive up there for lunch.

For today’s lead story on meatloaf, I talked with Hoover Alexander about the sustained popularity of meatloaf, a surprise considering that most Americans now wouldn’t eat anything else with the word “loaf” in it that isn’t bread. We also have recipes from America’s Test Kitchen, Rachael Ray and Good Housekeeping for their versions of meatloaf, including a no-fail glazed slow cooker meatloaf.

If you’re like Statesman entertainment business reporter (and meatloaf lover) Gary Dinges, those recipes are fine and dandy, but he’s never going to make one himself. I asked him to taste a frozen meatloaf from Blake’s All Natural Foods, a company that reached out to me late last year promoting how good its frozen meatloaf casserole was straight out of the microwave.

To put that idea to the test, I made two of their meatloaf casseroles, one in the oven, which took an hour, and another in the microwave, which took about five minutes.

You can see the results of our taste test above, and to see the rest of the videos in this series, go to youtube.com/Austin360video.