This week I’m offering five costumes you can make at home with things you probably have or can get quickly. Find the others

Watch this video and see how we did it. (The instructions are also below.) Share your own DIY costumes #360Costumes.

Bag of Jellybeans


Clear shower curtain or trash bag

Package of 30 colorful balloons

Two-sided clear tape or packing tape

Red poster board or construction paper




Cut off the top and bottom ends of the curtain or trash bag to be the size you need. Fold in half lengthwise. Cut arm holes on each side. Open up the curtain or bag and lay it flat.

Blow up the balloons and tie the ends. Put tape on each balloon and attach it to the curtain or bag, making sure to evenly disperse the balloons, but leaving room at the top.

Fold the bag in half lengthwise again and tape together the open side.

Cut the poster board in half. Cut a hole in the top of each half, leaving space at the top. This will be what your head fits through. Tape the one poster board half to each side of top of the bag, gathering the excess bag and folding it into the back of the poster board.

Variations: Use a black trash bag with an M&M logo cut out of a white trash bag glued onto it for an M&M bag. Use pool noodles for red licorice or orange pool noodles as Cheetos.