This week I’m offering five costumes you can make at home with things you probably have or can get quickly. Find the others

Watch this video and see how we did it. (The instructions are also below.) Share your own DIY costumes #360Costumes.

Dalmatian puppy


White long-sleeved T-shirt

White tights or pants

Black duct tape


Black permanent marker

7 white tube socks

White or black cloth headband

Safety pins



Cut circles in the duct tape and attach onto the T-shirt. Use a black marker to make spots on three of the socks and the tights. On the sock that you designate the tail, color the tip black. Stuff the three socks with the other socks to give them dimension. Use safety pins to pin the tail to the back of the shirt and the ear socks to the headband.


Create a cow costume using larger duct tape circles and construction paper for ears. Create a floppy-eared bunny rabbit by not adding spots and using cotton balls to create a tail. Use all black or gray shirt and tights, a ribbon for a tail and construction paper for ears to make a mouse or a cat.