Sakora is looking for a permanent home with an active owner who likes to hike, camp and swim. Photo by Chris LeBlanc

You: Outdoorsy and active, able to pour kibble in a dish. A sucker for sweet dogs, especially 37-pound black lab mixes looking for a permanent home. Ideal date involves camping, hiking or swimming, with several four-legged friends.

Her: Amber eyes, glossy fur and an easy grin. Prefers life in a pack. Loves long hikes in the woods, on a leash, with you – and a couple of other dogs.

Sakora needs a home with an owner who has other dogs. Photo by Chris LeBlanc


Amy Gelfand, a cyclist I met a few years ago while bicycling through Colorado, contacted me recently to alert me to a dog she’s fostering for Lucky Lab Rescue and Adoption.

Sakora, a 4-year-old lab mix, needs a home, one with someone who likes to get outside.

Gelfand brought Sakora by my house last weekend. The black pup with a white star on her chest waltzed into my house, ignored my rescue cat Rita, and smiled up at me.

That’s a big turnaround for the once timid dog, who wouldn’t even make eye contact with another person when Gelfand took her in four months ago.

Lots of things have changed for Sakora, actually. She wags her tail now, and walks on a leash with confidence. It all changed when Gelfand took her out on the Brushy Creek Trail, where she saw trees, smelled flowers, felt the wind in her fur and padded through dirt and grass.

“She likes to be in nature,” Gelfand says. “It’s soothing to her. She’s terrific on the trail.”

Gelfand thought someone who reads the Fit City column might make a good match. I hope she’s right.

Sakora was briefly placed with an owner in Houston, but that didn’t work out. That person was gone during the day, and didn’t have any other pets. Sakora got frustrated and tore things up. When the dog returned to Gelfand, her usual honor roll behavior returned.

“She needs other dogs and an owner who can spend a lot of time with her,” Gelfand says.

Sakora has started obedience classes. She’s well-mannered and quiet, and Gelfand envisions her with an owner who would compete with her in agility or take her out on the greenbelt for an afternoon hike. (She sounds like a great dog for a trail runner!)

“She likes to go hiking, the rougher the trail the better,” Gelfand says.

If you’re interested, email Gelfand at