If the long-running rumors are true and Stevie Nicks is an actual witch (“American Horror Story: Coven” may be definitive proof), then she’s 100 percent been using folk rocker Lissie as a familiar. Husky-voiced chill was the order of the day for the singer’s South by Southwest set at the Spin party at Brazos Hall on Saturday.

(Eric Webb/American-Statesman)

“I’m going to be pretty acoustic-y,” Lissie told the audience, which was fresh off of a body-positive turn-up from rapper Lizzo (no relation). Arming herself with an acoustic guitar and looking like she just got back from a chakra-centering desert hike, the singer’s dust-in-the-throat voice and able strumming intertwined beautifully with her electric guitarist’s wavy vibrations on songs like “Hero” and “Further Away (Romance Police).”

Mostly, it was a set that made you wish you had a nice Chardonnay instead of a Bud Light — except for the closing performance of Lissie’s signature “Pursuit of Happiness” cover. For as chill as Kid Cudi is, it’s hard to scream out profanities and still keep the mellow folk vibes. And, good: Lissie looked ready to cut loose for her SXSW farewells.