Grilled corn is such an improvement on boiled corn.

Well, really good sweet corn is so good that you donít even have to cook it at all, but since we canít always get that kind of corn, itís smart to have other options.

In todayís food section, grilling writer Jim Shahin put various grilling methods to the test, concluding that you really need to soak the corn in water first and then you can grill it with or without the husk with great results.

By 8 a.m. this morning, I had an email from a reader named Kathy who suggested another way of grilling corn that we didnít include.

This Japanese-style of serving corn includes topping the grilled corn with furikake and kewpie mayonnaise. Photo from Arnold Gatilao.

She said that in Japan, where her husband has spent some time, they remove the husks and silk, put the ear on the aluminum foil, drizzle with soy sauce, wrap and grill. ďItís good, itís attractive, but a little salty for me, even with low sodium soy sauce,Ē she writes. Seems like you could cut way back on the soy sauce and sprinkle the corn with furikake, that sesame seed seaweed seasoning that is so good on everything from fish to rice and vegetables. Oh, and roll it in kewpie mayonnaise.

How do you like to cook your corn? Do you have a favorite grilling method or are you more of a microwave kind of person?