Alicia Inns (KXAN photo)

For Alicia Inns, it’s the opportunity of a lifetime.

The KXAN reporter will spend the next three weeks in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, covering the Olympics for her own station, as well as a dozen other stations around the country that are also owned by Richmond, Va.-based Media General.

“This will be unlike anything I have ever covered,” said Inns, who joined KXAN in 2014. “Throughout my six years in this career, I usually cover a lot of breaking news: fires, car crashes, etc., and I also cover feature stories as well, but this is a once-in-a-career opportunity. It’s going to be stress like I’ve never known but also adrenaline and excitement like I’ve never known.”

The days will be long – 14-16 hours long, oftentimes – but Inns says she’s more than ready for the challenge. (And yes, she’s stocked up on plenty of bug spray to fend off Zika, in case you were wondering.)

“I have always loved sports,” she said. “I grew up playing sports, my dad and brother were both heavily involved in sports. I was never destined to be an Olympian but I think getting to cover something like this is just as amazing, in my opinion. You get to see the world’s greatest athletes on the world’s biggest stage. It’s something I think every reporter would love to do.”

Inns says she’s particularly excited to cover track and field events.

“Back in Bend, Ore., at my last station, I had the opportunity to meet and get to know Ashton Eaton – you might know him as the World’s Greatest Athlete,” Inns said. “I just spoke with his mom and high school coach and they are heading to Rio because Ashton is once again going for gold. After covering his journey in London, but only being able to watch on TV, I am so excited I will get to watch him live, in Rio, at the Olympics. Still gives me chills just saying that.”

Look for Inns to pop up twice each day during the 6 a.m. hour of “KXAN News Today.” Her reports will also appear on

“I will be keeping a very close eye on the Texas/Austin athletes as they compete in Rio, but I’m also on the prowl for stories that people will be interested in,” she said. “That’s anything from the athletes’ living conditions, the trading of the collectors pins, you name it. I think giving viewers a sense of the energy, the flavor of Rio is what I’m really going for.”