If you’ve ever wanted to attend or teach a cooking class, your options were somewhat limited to the established outlets around Austin, from Central Market to Faraday’s Kitchen Store.

Kitchen Underground is a new website that aims to provide an outlet for both cooks who want to learn and those who feel like they have something to teach. "I wanted to get people together who wouldn’t normally have an opportunity to get together to cook, to learn about other food cultures or to learn how other people cook," says Elizabeth Winslow, the website’s founder.

The classes take place in a variety of venues, from local farms and commercial kitchens to places like Metier Cook’s Supply. Some of the instructors will teach in their homes, Winslow says, which isn’t as strange a concept as it once was, thanks to the sharing economy of other companies such as AirBnb, HomeAway, Uber and Lyft.

Some of the classes available in the next few months include vegan tacos with Lisa Rice, Indian cooking with Deepa Shridhar and baking with Barrie Cullinan, one of the most noted bakers in Austin. Other instructors are leading tours of local grocery stores and farmers markets that aim to help beginning meal planners learn how to shop more efficiently and economically.

Dozens of classes and tours, which start at $25, are now posted on the website, kitchenunderground.co, which is where you can sign up or post a class of your own.