Shawnee Kilgore and Joss Whedon. Photo via

Austin folk musician Shawnee Kilgore posted a casual photo of Joss Whedon squinting by a popular Austin mural this morning.

Whedon is the man behind many movies and television shows, such as Avengers, Toy Story and the short-lived but beloved Firefly, while Kilgore has been making folk music for years. The two are friends after collaborating in the past. Kilgore explained the timeline of their relationship on her website:

This was definitely one of those trips I knew would swirl around in a hazy daze as soon as it was over. The highest highs are the hardest to come down from and I’ve done my best upon my return from LA to be gentle and simply let myself take it easy and be really, really proud of what I’ve done.

So here went the timeline:

March 2014 – Joss Whedon backed my Kickstarter campaign for A Long and Precious Road
April 2014 – Campaign ended and we began emailing about the personalized song I was to write for his reward
A week later – song was in progress but a whole different set of spin off lyrics were inspired and sent my way
A day later – Big Giant Me was born, and the decision to keep writing together was made
August 2014 – Big Giant Me was released as a single from the now upcoming 6-song EP we planned to make
Later that day – we had our first telephone conversation
February 2015 – We met for the first time
January 2016 – I flew to LA and we made a record


Kilgore told Buzzfeed in 2014 she knew Whedon’s name when he backed her Kickstarter campaign to record another studio album, but her boyfriend was the one who really freaked out.

While they initially only planned on creating one song together, after “Big Giant Me” the two decided to continue collaborating. Kilgore announced the release of their second single together, “Back to Eden,” on her website earlier this month.

Could this mean Whedon will make Austin one of his homes now?