Is Austin a beer city? If so, how do our beer-drinking ways compare to others?

Photo by Renee Brock

A new interactive by Esri, a geo-mapping and data site, seeks to answer this question as well as offer some perspective on Austin’s overall drinking culture.

(What on earth did you think an “Oktoberfest score” could possibly be?)

Plug in your zipcode or “Austin, TX” to explore all the demographics data Esri used to assign the scores. Esri assigned Austin a “5.” For reference, the highest score, assigned to Chevy Chase Village, Md., was a “10.” The highest score in Texas, a 9.2, went to Montgomery.

According to Esri’s data, which is compiled some from unnamed, mystery data set, Austin households. which Esri identifies are mostly single-person households, on average spend $125 per year on beer. Note these numbers don’t include beer purchased at liquor or grocery stores.

In 2014, the Statesman found that Travis County sold an average of $410.05 worth of alcohol per person per year, so Esri’s number could add up if you take into account wine and other alcoholic drinks.

For comparison, Austin household spend about $32 more per year on beer than San Antonio, $41 more than San Marcos and $15 more than both Houston and Dallas.