Is this how you’re reacting to the Blue Bell recall?

@broylesa This is how we are handling it at my house.

— Kathy Green (@hungerchick) April 24, 2015

What about this?

In yesterday’s Houston Chronicle, a local mattress company took out a full-page ad expressing their support for the Brenham-based company that is in full-scale crisis management mode. In Brenham, residents are also rallying to show their support for the town’s biggest employer. (Watch this great video from my colleague Ken Herman, who went to Brenham earlier this week to chat with folks.)

Someone tried to sell “pre-recall” Blue Bell on eBay, but the company pulled the listing.

The company is doing a deep clean on every square inch of their production facilities, but there won’t be any Blue Bell products available for at least two to three weeks. That’s a long time for the country’s biggest selling ice cream brand.

(Was anyone else surprised when they found out that fact? I knew Blue Bell was big, especially regionally and in Texas, but the fact that it sells more ice cream than Dreyer’s, Breyer’s, Ben & Jerry’s and Haagen Dazs, even though it isn’t sold in every region of the country, is pretty amazing.)

Are you buying other kinds of ice cream right now? Will you be reluctant to buy Blue Bell again once it returns to stores? Do you think the company’s brand power is strong enough to withstand the recall?