Christi Cuellar Lotz and Ellen Troxlair at Ballet Austin Guild’s “Hot Cars and All that Jazz.”

ARTS: Let us all thank Socar Chatmon-Thomas. The Austin real estate broker gave Ballet Austin Guild a welcome new look with the unstuffy “Hot Cars and All That Jazz” party at the cool Getaway Motor Club in the Govalle area. Jazzist Pamela Hart sang. New Austin City Council Member, Ellen Troxclair, greeted folks at the door. A short chat with her revealed a past in ballet training, as well as a future of support for Ballet Austin. Finger foods and refreshing beverages rested on high cocktail tables. Guests — as many men as women — circulated freely. This is the way to throw a modern fundraiser. Expect more updating of events like this from Austin’s older arts groups. Ballet Austin turns 60 in a couple of seasons. I look forward to “Swan Lake” this weekend.

Regan and Rudy Ghezzi at the Trinity Center’s Barbara Jordan Celebration.

CHARITY 1: You couldn’t help being inspired. The Trinity Center named its annual celebration after Barbara Jordan, the late legislator, teacher and role model, who left money to help the homeless. During that party, former journalist and current center spokeswoman Diane Holloway introduced volunteer extraordinaire Caroline Kibler, who thanked the folks at St. Michael’s Episcopal Church, whose constant generosity helped win her the Pat Hazel Award. Later, the truly blessed center director Irit Umani reminded guests how kindness is woven into so many faiths. Then a neat thing happened: Calmly, quietly, sweetly, Andrew Bost of Bost Benefit Auctions raised $80,000 in a short, happy fund-a-need session.