James Dean plays with children who were visiting the set of “Giant” during filming in 1955 in Marfa. Residents of Marfa describe Dean as being the most accessible of the movie’s stars in the new documentary “Children of Giant.”

In Austin filmmaker Hector Galán’s latest documentary, “Children of Giant” he explores how the 1955 film “Giant” – which took over the West Texas town of Marfa with big stars like Elizabeth Taylor, Rock Hudson and James Dean – brought issues like racial discrimination against Mexican-Americans to the forefront.

“Children of Giant” will premiere on the Austin PBS station KLRU at 9 p.m. on April 17.

Galán has been behind documentaries such as “Los Lonely Boys: Cottonfields and Crossroads” and “Chicano! The Mexican American Civil Rights Movement.”

Austin360 film editor Charles Ealy recently interviewed Galán about “Children of Giant.” Here’s an excerpt from Ealy’s story:

“A cemetery in Marfa is still divided by barbed wire, with Anglos on one side of the fence, where fees are charged for maintenance, and Mexican-Americans on the other side.

Yet the true focus on “Children of Giant” is on the feelings of Marfa residents, both Anglo and Hispanic, who watched the filming of the classic movie — and how many Mexican-Americans see the movie today as one of the first to expose the discrimination that they faced.”

Check out the full story here, and watch a trailer of the documentary below:

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